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The Gospel is FREE

by Praverb the Wyse

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Everyone and their mother has a friggin mixtape. (I heard a couple mom’s that were actually pretty tight. I must admit, pretty tight). Praverb The Wyse releases 15 scriptures from his book of life over a few industry beats as well as original production. This is gospel rap without furious fire and brimstone exclamations or overtly self righteous finger pointing. His voice is pretty human, very easy to listen to. There’s a charm that most rappers don’t have you can hear shining through on, ‘Loving Morning’. Its obvious that this young man has a fair amount of skill, ‘The Gospel is Free’ serves as a nice introduction to this emcee that surely loves this Hiphop thing. The mixtape was released in 2007 and served as an introduction to Center of Attention.


released January 7, 2008



all rights reserved


Praverb the Wyse Northern

Praverb is an emcee that loves to share his trials and tribulations with the world. Praverb's goal revolves around creating music that people can relate to.

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Track Name: Bury Me An Emcee (Freeverse)
Scratched serials, P be rap’s miracle
I walk these streets, not trying to catch venereal
Diseases, the hood gave birth and hatched criminals
I walk the righteous path, I seek Jesus
But demons who lack minerals
Try to get me to sell crack it’s so pitiful
I need redemption
An emcee’s emcee, blessed with skill
But that respect won’t get me a deal
Cut the check
Better yet cut the debt
I love Biggie Smalls
But that admiration, won’t stop the credit calls
The next time they call, I’ll start rapping
They be like is that you, you’re nice
But your statement is past due
See what I have to go through to show you
That the flows true, remaining Old School like Will Farrell
Or Pharrell, my mind state is Neptune lost in space
you can bury me with no coffin space
Crowd the casket, with a mic, pre amp
They will say at least P died with his masters


You can bury me an emcee,
With no royalties, all I got is my word and my loyalty
You can bury me an emcee,
With no stand out tracks, I’m trying to stand out amongst this crap
You can bury me an emcee,
With no spinning rims, all I got is my mind and my busy pen
You can busy me an emcee,
With no felonies, carve my name up in Hip Hop’s legacy

[Praverb rambling about his website and stuff haha]
Track Name: Lookin' At You (Freeverse)
Lethal rhymes, I don’t rap for the C-notes
I spit a verse and y’all run like Tim Tebow
I be microphone rocking
Tatum Bell on the mic, my o-line be zone blocking
Think about it you got no options
The Max Kellerman of this game
So you know I know boxing
You got no hands
Saying you pushing weight, when you be at home spotting
Partner, I’m a monster with this rap ish
Whether it’s written or off the dome dropping
I never clap kids I don’t rely on the tech
Amusing my fans, using my hands, the Iron Chef
But not Raekwon or Emerill
I’m the type of cat serving up audio visuals
I rep for the East, I was born in the South
I lived in the West, so why second guess
Va’s best, unkept secret, so peep it
You can’t match the tone that I speak with
A rhyme to the reason, a reason that I rhyme
To reach peeps who have it worse than me
Like those living in poverty, who gotta struggle to eat
So me, I gotta take the backseat
And focus on the finer things, forget the diamond rings
So like Jay I only joke about retiring

[Praverb rambling about website and stuff, it is actually haha]
Track Name: Lost Ones (Freeverse)
Am I a lost soul?
Life is a long journey, I finally feel I’m at a crossroad (check it)
I hold the crossbow, I try to deal with these sentiments
I gotta be real when I’m spitting this
I’m torn between the love of my life
The life that I’m living, sinning the women
I need to start chilling, building
A foundation, I’m tired of these rap killings
I won’t get shot by my comrades like Pat Tillman
I got a Hov mindstate, trying to stack millions
But there's a Blueprint, so there’s a Reasonable Doubt
That I may never come out, I gotta shut my mouth
I just want to speak, and give y’all my two cents
Please follow the movement, hip hop is alive
I’m trying to survive, monopolize, your properties mine
For real, I’m just trying to properly find
The God in me, not trying to be the God MC
I’m Godly see, so close your eyes and vibe with me
Listen up fam you know that I rhyme with ease
I’ve lost one, peeps die, I’ve lost some
I feel like NYC, when they lost Pun
Everybody rocking the cross now
Is it a symbol, or we getting closer to God now?
I hold my job down, but I’m just just over broke with bills
I want to roll a Philly sometimes and chill
I think about my life in reverse, the people I hurt
I’m sorry, my life has been cursed

[more rambling]
Track Name: Door To My Life (Freeverse)
I open up the door to my life
And realized it was author by Christ, the soothsayer
He was out paying the price, the price was paid
We were born in sin seeking the righteous way
At night I pray, well some nights I skip
Can I outrun the messenger like Michael Vick
Some say he got a light in him
He’s well mannered, soft spoken, and he’s polite with friends
But he’s human, he has pent up aggression
Used to be a door mat now he’s expressing
Thoughts a lot of people second guessed him
He has to overcome obstacles to reap a blessing
Christ was there when he dealt with depression
Lost a few friends and his mother what a blessing
Had to rise from the ashes to reap benefits
Patience is a virtue time provides discipline (3x)


I opened up the door to my life,
I’m trying to make a change I want to do right
I opened up the door to my life,
I’m tired of the pain I gotta seek Christ
I opened up the door to my life,
I’m stuck in a maze I want to reach heights
I opened up the door to my life,
I don’t want to be paid I just need some advice
Track Name: Da Grind (Freeverse)
The first in flight, I spend nights, getting these verses tight
Throw on the beat man, rework that line
I scratch it, conjure up the illest feeling
With this rapping, I don’t have to talk about killing
Or making millions
I can be true to myself
Speak on life or religion, the fluid is felt
With this pen that I write with, I’m enlightened
Spreading the name like a common cold or a known virus
On this mic I’m a giant, Paul Bunyan hunting
These flashy cats probably claiming that they really stunting
Your first week sales, don’t mean nothing
Especially when your album is full of filler cousin
See me man I work a 9 to 5, cause rap don’t pay the bills
I’m trying to stay alive, survive the grind, rely on his mind to seek direction
Cause we fall short when we seek perfection
I travel that lone path with a notepad
And a dictionary, trying to boost my vocab
I’ve trained with the vets, spit with old cats
They praise the style, calling me a throwback
These lyrics are free, your gimmicks may sell
I can’t wait to see my CD sit on the shelf

[chorus] 2x

I’m on the grind, it feels like I’m running out of time
And I, know I got a lot of rhymes
But I, know I may be unsigned
Just know that I’m always on the grind yeah
Track Name: Dj EZ Radio One Drop
I sit here holding my staff, multiplying my staff
Headed for a straight path like a boxer’s jab
Listen to the words I pro-ject
Over these projects I flow best, who want some
(Yeah) I rep V till my death
Raised in the South, spent years in the West
I’ve been training, took advice from the vets
On how to stay pose, deal with the refs
And critics, sometimes I feel so stressed
But I’m living, others would kill to be blessed
So I’m grinning, happy to be alive still chilling
Hitting the corner store to cipher what a feeling
I gaze at the sky and the building and think
Hip hop is me, my graffiti is the ink
Track Name: I Don't Know Officer (Freeverse)
It be the P V I Z you know who it be
The mic controller, who be flowing for free
Check it, challenge me pick any man random
I’ll kill a thousand men, just like Samson
With a jawbone, you should crown me champion
I’ll play a concerto than vanish like phantom
Listen I got that crack music you should try it
Overdose and you’ll end up like Len Bias
First time users, need to know the history
Rakim, Krs-One, what an epiphany
You in the club, shoulder leaning
But what about them people that spoke for freedom
What about them people that spoke with meaning
I’m here to resurrect those I hope you receiving
I want to be heard, every coast, every region
Just listen to the words, I change with every season
I’m nice, but you never heard of me
I don’t have the connects or the currency
I’m here to revive hip hop
It’s in a state of emergency/ so they had to search for me
The one like Neo, without the Matrix
No origin, no scientist can trade it
Undetected, I’m the voice of ancients
Martyred and murdered on African slave ships let’s face it
I’m P, the man that you need to know
Your favorite rapper, I supersede his flow
I burp, barf, gas, to put it in plain words
Man I breath that flow
I’m iler than any man that Jesus know
Or created and I started rap, 3 weeks ago
Track Name: Go Crazy (Freeverse)
I love hip hop, I have the heart to do it
I grind everyday like Martha Stewart
With my music, I’m proving that these charts are clueless
And battles on 106 and Park are stupid
You might find me, spitting darts at humans like Africans
Choosing my girl over my rapping friends
I don’t want to end up like half of them
Retired from the game, only to make tracks again
I don’t go to the club, I know what tracks they spin
I don’t hang with a gang, I’m not attached to men
I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I pray for hope
People think I’m a joke, I don’t rap for them
I won’t lie I’m flesh, I’m not glad I sin
God gave me a gift, I’m always battling
Between good and evil, I’m not shooting people
Hide from God, no angels be tattling
North or South, I don’t care if you wack, you wack
If you hate on a region I might snatch your pen
And put it to use, spew rhymes in the booth
Back raps with scripture, so my lines be the truth
Like, Psalms dude, The Meek shall inherit the earth
And the weak will get buried in dirt
When I speak, you’ll feel like your right at church
Don’t like my rhyme fine, don’t spare me the words
Track Name: Milk Em (Freeverse)
Raiding your home, I know dudes that carry the chrome
They hate rap music, next they be blaming the poems
Goliath, I got something for you Giants, I’m David
I handpick various stones
Throw them at your head, sever your dome
You deceased, your fam dressed in black, while they bury your bones
Let it be known, I’m similar to Razor Ramon
I got a toothpick, everywhere that I roam
Rip acoustic, acapella, live band, you pick
It can be an old verse or something exclusive
Forget your phony promo
You sat for five years now you think you Tony Romo
(huh), get your facts straight
I’m five levels past great
Without an album, or a record plaque wait
Cd dropping soon
Anticipate it like you watching the moon (huh)
I flew the coup, prove you poop
How many times must I abuse the loop
The screws are loose, I’m crazy
Nah I’m kidding, I just want the cash
Fast, you better pay me
Track Name: Here We Come (Freeverse)
The boss of the yard, who’s a little off of the wall
I’m the type to stuff seven foot rappers in a coffin that’s small
I rock crowds, small spots, or Carnegie Hall
I have religion, so I be following God
I’m trying to do this rap thing, make some rap cream
I roll dolo, I don’t need a rap team
Yes, you’re gonna make it, you got some wack dreams
I walk around with a glove cause I be slapping
These fakes, frontin, thinking that they speak great
Be the same ones who wait for the release date
I rep MT, FBI, A X I S, never question I
Shouts to Uneek, holding it down
Palerider, Dorian Gray, you know that we, go for the crown
Josh, congrats on bearing a seed
Let’s drop an album before you prepare her to read
I’m back in the zone
I got a hunger to do this, I’ll even spit raps on the phone
I’m the one that the government actually cloned
The ultimate emcee, known for smashing your bones
Yo, I’ll never give it a rest
When I die, bury me with a mic and turntables on my chest, yes
Track Name: Lovely Morning
It’s a lovely morning, and I pray for the peeps
Who be mourning those who pass
The peeps who be mourning the folks in Iraq
The peeps who be mourning those with no dad
Or no mother, I feel like the number one soul brother
While I wake, a child lives in hunger
I throw on my white tee, a pair of blue jeans
It’s my off day, a break from the grind
I hurry down the hallway pursuing my dreams
Hat slightly titled, it’s my time to shine
I hope in my 6 deuce 6
Proceed to call wifey, to get that early bird kiss
Feeling that bliss, I just got paid
Pumped the unleaded, grabbed food and Gatorade
Look at me man I’m driving down the road
I’m cautious; Virginia has a lot of potholes
I’m nauseous, the radio be making me sick
I’m not conceited, but I be blasting my own hits
Stuck in traffic, old man be throwing fits
Truck driver responds, flips him the bird
I almost hit the curb
So much excitement
I thought they were on the verge
Of fighting
The fun is over I’m done with this
So I’m back on course, seeking a Giant
So I can get some Oatmeal pies
My favorite snack
So I can head home and chill with the guys
I hop into my car, then I speed off
Hit the corner, then I spot a cop car
A little nervous, my palms start sweating
I hope he doesn’t follow me
My house is not far
Then I see the blue and white lights
So I veer to the right
Thinking that it’s over, pondering the fee
Perfect driving record, now that’s history
Thinking cops are stupid for stopping me
I was confused, he passed me with a smirk
I felt British, I yelled out you bloody jerk
My heart is racing, but I had to laugh
Now I proceed home with a story to tell
I arrive home and turn on the TV
Only to find out that that cop had crashed

I felt bad, especially when they said he died
With a smirk on his face man
That’s a lovely story right there, that’s a lovely morning
Track Name: Never Enough
When I first started this, I knew nothing about marketing
It was a hobby to me, a snotty emcee
That will probably be, a lottery pick
Nah, that’s a dream, that’s weren’t targeting me
The target is he, soft as cupcakes
Now he’s the hardest emcee
C’mon fam throw your bargain at me
Read my bio, I love hip hop
I actually free, I’m in school as well, trying to get a degree
Yeah, I do poetry, I also held a rosary
A tad religious, I have faith for instance
I have no club tracks; you want me to dumb down
My lyrics for a demo deal, while folks give me the run around
I’m not a clown; I want respect not a pound
I want to be adored by millions, not be underground
I wanna be…everything I can be
And I can be everything if I follow the plan G

[chorus] 2x

Blood, sweat, tears (never enough)
Days, months, years (never enough)
Pens, pads, mics (never enough)
Sites, fights, Christ (never enough)

When I first started this I was seventeen
Using simple schemes, didn’t’ know the lingo, felt like a dingo
Out in the wild, perfected my style
To where it is now, now cats show respect when I speak yo
I’m in a dream everything seem great
In the eyes of Jehovah, yes I’m a soldier
Walking with a clean slate, every since Genesis
God was Making Da Band, and I didn’t walk for cheesecake
We in a digital age, you cheapskates
No need to buy albums when they push back release dates
Everyone can rhyme, we have a cluttered market
I don’t like rap, so I don’t trust this garbage
Or indulge in it, flow liquid over beats, telling stories
Painting pictures, they say he’s so vivid
I’m like Blueprint and RJD2
Teaming up to examine your soul’s position

[chorus] 2x
Track Name: Throw Some D's (Freestyle)
[off the top of the head what a freestyle truly is, no lyrics…embrace the spontaneity]
Track Name: Religion is Rap Snippet
I yawn then I wake up, I gotta get my faith up
Drop knowledge in the form of jewels like Jacob
Pray to the maker, my religion is rap
Rap’s my religion, you’ll find P spitting at cats
Never twisting the fact, I open up my notebook
Grip the pen, dent the white sheets so precisely
This rap is 24/7
Consisting of different denominations
But no one is dominating
I have to write more, engage in mic wars
Persecuted like Christ, when I walk into white stores
Industry trying to commercialize hip hop
I’ll die for hip hop, I believe in what I fight for
I have a fan base, local though
So I network through handshakes controlling this landscape
Rap is my religion
You best believe that every word that is written
Has a purpose for real