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The Gospel is FREE 2

by Praverb the Wyse



The Gospel is FREE 2 is the second installment of The Gospel is FREE series. Hopefully this one will sound more like an album (the last project was presented in a traditional mixtape format). All the tracks are posted and I will eventually post the acapellas and instrumentals from the project.


released September 6, 2010



all rights reserved


Praverb the Wyse Northern

Praverb is an emcee that loves to share his trials and tribulations with the world. Praverb's goal revolves around creating music that people can relate to.

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Track Name: Intro
Sit back and listen, P-Viz will open up
Giving you my life, 16 bars is not enough
Forget the record biz, they will not notice us
Djs wanting cash, the rap game is so corrupt//
The game is chopped and screwed, so it's impossible
To breakthrough when A & Rs are not approaching us
Artistic development, they wanna packaged artist
To be signed you have to be attached to a market//
Some think rap is garbage, saying flowing sucks
I just think the crowd isn't old enough
Old enough to see, not old enough to read
Old enough to taste, not old enough to believe//
So they believe anything on the TV screen
Think about video vixens not queens
Fixated on fantasies not dreams
But I still do this for you and not me//
Track Name: Back With Heat (feat. Nametag, Dj Grazzhoppa)
Verse 1: (Nametag)
Back with heat, Tag body bag a beat
That emcee that'll prove I'm that elite
Usually stay ahead of those that compete
I be on that left expressway traffic speed//
Yes indeed, I lyrically stab a track and leave it
With an increase and massive bleeding
Matter of fact I know that to most rappers
I'm a headache
I am quite sure it is aspirin needed//
Describe me as intriguing
Each line is steaming like a pot full of tea gets
Your team gets fatigued, going against me
And my whole legion, leaving the playing field uneven//
Reality show for one season
About me succeeding til I'm done breathing
I'm a necessary instrument the drum needs me
I'm sick I spit mumps and leave chumps feverish//

[Chorus] 2x
We got the rhymes, we more than stars
Hitting competition with a load of bars
Attacking the track, Tag and P
It's 2010 and we back with heat

Verse 2: (Praverb the Wyse)
I am in a kill zone, reciting some real poems
I won't lead you to death, P is no Jim Jones
Seeking my calling, preach when I speak
No need to be balling, cause he is no Jim Jones//
Untamed beast, loose without a leash
On streets I channel the, same emotion of Gemstones
No Gemini, men will die, when the pen collides
With the pad, leave em' toe tagged unidentified//
Cold case, case closed, work the caseload
search for higher powers, yes the one that Mase Knows
Y'all lying, y'all scratching on that fake nose
Treat your face like a vase cause we break those//
Walk around with a lion's skin and ape bones
Plus we entertain well we strive for great shows
You want to collab, well the going rate grows
To a large number, what you working late for?//

[Chorus] 2x
We got the rhymes, we more than stars
Hitting competition with a load of bars
Attacking the track, Tag and P
It's 2010 and we back with heat

Verse 3: (Praverb the Wyse)
From VA to MI to Corpus Christi
Jedi like mind state, the force is in me
Brought the torches with me
Set your body ablaze
The crowd is amazed, they gaze at your crispy corpse//
Check it, the odd ball in dodge ball
In a dodge car, charged to challenge those in squad cars
Eating emcees in an edible form
It's P-Viz the Wyse, theoretically born (what)//
Track Name: Cj The Genesis On The Beat
This is natural progression, or natural selection
Survival of the fittest, y'all are dim witted
You an expert on these social networks
So while you waste time I continue to pen lyrics//
Advance lyrically, mentally, physically
You won't hinder me, from reaching that top spot, that was meant for me
I study the mind, I hustle, I grind
Ipod shuffles rewinds, y'all not balanced chemically//
A psychologist, enduring drama and trauma
Witnessed the death of my friends and even my mama
A good Samaritan, this Cavalier resides under the great state, represented by a Terrapin//
Cj made the beat he resides in Maryland
P attacked the beat that Wale destroyed
In 2010, I'm back with the heat
Took a year off and wack rappers are still employed// 16
Poetical patience, precise, with the penning
The sheet is the victim and the pen supplies venom
Vindicated, I feel victorious, you dig me
Notoriously known for the poems, I'm kind of big see//
Retire every day, the plight of a lyricist
Should I conform to the norm or let lyrics live?
It's more than dope hooks, and vague songs
Can I be embalmed with my notebook in the pyramids//
Like King Tut, P-Viz has a mean strut
No need for me to become angry and sport a mean mug
Fans are waiting for hits, P is patient with it
It's safe to say, I'm batting cleanup//
Shout out to Cj the Genesis, producer slash emcee
Had to rock to the beat and add a twist to it
The pen game is insane, my brain has been trained
To script pain and express the journey to an audience// 32
Track Name: Rock On (feat. Blame One, Theo 3, Dj Grazzhoppa)
Verse 1: (Praverb the Wyse)
P spit fire and brimstone, the messiah has been home
We can battle, no need to rattle like Jim Rome
You not on my level you just like the devil with metal
Playing Russian roulette, I'll let you spin chrome//
Go ahead send clones, I'm ready for war
You show up with pocket knives I got machetes in store
Go ahead pull for your heat you stupid to me
Expose you foes like entering a pool with a leaf//
I'm an adult you sounding quite juvy to me
You not influencing me cause your music is weak
Think about it, I don't need the ink to mouth it
I attack the pad, letting the words sprinkle around it//
I'm calling you out, you squirm like an earthworm
Involved in a drought
I'm the one that peeps keep talking about
P the smooth type, I seduce mics
6'4" and unsigned I guess I'm the new hype//

Verse 2: (Blame One)
Yo, yo I'm a master craftsman, word archaeologist
Digging up the spirit deep within, go ahead and follow this
Pace, the knowledge to race, my predecessor dead a lesser
Rhyme professor, the true pen and paper time investor//
In my prime I design the pressure
I'm putting emcees under the, I'm the lighting and thunder kind of fresher
Than your average mortal from the way I hold the mic
I drop jewels, still cuss you out like I was Dolomite//
I steady rise, while you rapidly demise
While you rappers full of lies, I just build with P the Wyse
Enterprise, now enter the eyes of an assassin
I move like a samurai slow with no compassion//
For the wack I'm attacking cause I flex to win
Pass the sword, my son sharpen for your next to kin
And it likes that, sorry but it is what it is
I stay ahead of these kids and my legacy lives (rock on)//

Verse 3: (Theo 3)
Yo Forget Captain save a hoe, Dr. take a life, savior like
Mary had to look up in the manger twice
Say goodnight, BYE BYE, 5 guys afraid to fight
Act tough but couldn’t buy Pride if they were Dana White//
y’all cats know it’s Pros vs, Joes
Lift a JVC, spike TV’s on your toes
till you bleed out your nose for foes got flows
that aim at your cavalry, average emcee//
he be Patrick Dempsey bullets Grey’s Anatomy
pull it, names a casualty
drop like stock
act tough call your bluff and raise y’all like a family
top 5 spot think not y’all are fantasy//
Cameron D only act up where the cameras be,
damage me, please y’all are mellow like Anthony.
I’ll put wings on your shoulders no Randall C,
Stay humble that’s word to Prince, F#ck Vanity//
Track Name: Dependent On Me
The rhyme version of John Wall, beyond y'all
My brain accelerates, while your mind crawls
I struggle with hell or heaven, heaven or hell
Daily living, sinning, progressing toward my divine call//
Call it divinity, call it ability
Don't call it a fluke, I rebuke the enemy
Chris Johnson like, on the mic, I'm swift
Blessed with the gift, I juke those defending me//
Adrenaline rush, spit with a boost of energy
In the booth, I'm living proof, of the truth, fulfilled to be
The highest form of life, I was born to write
Won't see me conform to the norms of these sites//
I'm better than competitors
A bench player outperforming regulars
A professional, you amateur
You a butter knife, I'm Excalibur
I'm Chapelle and you Gallagher
So let P bless you..// 16
I'm feeling carefree, hear the snare speak
The kick talk behind my back
The bass dares me
To attack a beat, rip it with the bare teeth
The mic was exhausted saying P please spare me//
Are you really sure/shure, you won't me to stop it
Or do you want to me to go ahead and switch the topic
Get you in a trance, like Flatley with the river dance
Without the swinging watch, P is hyp-noptic//
...just close your eyes, I will impress them
I'm that fresh scent, the game needs to be deodorized
A lot of dirty clothes, rap with worth-less flows
But P will be heard, open mics and spoken shows//
I'm giving you...a reason to rewind
Closed eyes, and let the words seep into your mind
Visual torch, the words provide a path and grab
those who have no reason to be blind// 32
Rex Ryan mind, I'm so defensive
Wanting to pursue my goals with low intentions
Family members want handouts, they codependent
On me, but they don't understand the expenses//
They don't understand how much rent is
Or the inability to move in the trenches
Kenya work ethic with the miles I go the distance
Various styles, I'm profound, on this mission//
If I could, I would give you my last change
All I have is my credit score and my last name
A soothing instrumental for my mental
Reminisce on good times like when the cash came//
Yes it's tax time, I get a rebate
That money covers bills three weeks late
Girl mad at me, she's wants a clean date
Took her to Mickey's D's, now I'm the cheapskate// 48
Track Name: Reason I Rise (feat. C.B. News, Jo Blunt)
Verse 1: (Praverb the Wyse)
This is cole in your eye, from closed eyes
Ten percent withheld because you owe tithes
But me, I hold mine, I’m living in debt
Too much death, I wonder if I’m reliving 09’//
This is scratch off tickets, lottery picks
Another broken ankle for that lottery pick
Dreaming big, one day I gotta be rich
Snap back to reality, my pockets got lint//
This is noodles, instead of spaghetti
Birthday parties with nothing but confetti
No cake, outside no shine just snowflakes
W-2’s sent late saved by a post date//
This is food banks feeding the homeless
A cheating husband looking to find where home is
This is an unemployed rapper who’s passion
revolves around finding where the microphone is//

[Chorus] 2x
There’s a reason I rise, a reason I wake
I look to the sky and give thanks for the day
I am glad that I’m alive, I make some mistakes
I’m lost but somehow I will find my way

Verse 2: (CB News)
Am I dreaming/hearing fans screaming
To keep going, give me a reason
Many do fall/ I don’t live in that season
Pull my pants up, let’s make it even//
I was blind to the ways of the world/had to wake up
Had homies try they're hand, and they gave up
Had to work that job and even took a pay cut
Writing rhymes, trying to live out my destiny//
Cooked a full course meal, no recipe
Did some bad things and it almost got the best of me
If I did right, it would be something left for me
We walk a thin line between love and evil//
Talk a good game but you fucking the people
My 9 to 5 just ain’t for me
Will my girl stand there and wait for me
The reason i rise, maybe this the way for me//

[Chorus] 2x
There’s a reason I rise, a reason I wake
I look to the sky and give thanks for the day
I am glad that I’m alive, I make some mistakes
I’m lost but somehow I will find my way

Verse 3: (Jo Blunt)
The reason i rise is clear as the skies
Wit stars in your eyes and bars for the vibes
All of our lives have purpose learn that
Keep it moving forward don’t turn back//
J worm glad intern mob robb
Dangerous spit lyrics hot coal heads bob
Heads nod when you ask; is this nice?
Got a mic jones but I don’t say it twice//
Ain’t playing dice but im really on a roll
Shout to Praverb cause the homie got soul
This is a stroll in the park feeling breeze
Yes we will rise much like trees//
Or rather seeds with deeds and dreams
The pen is a monster that bleeds and screams
This is for our kids who know hip hop lives
Whose passion is finding where the microphone is//

[Chorus] 2x
There’s a reason I rise, a reason I wake
I look to the sky and give thanks for the day
I am glad that I’m alive, I make some mistakes
I’m lost but somehow I will find my way
Track Name: Tru Master Freeverse
I'm outspoken dog, not Ying Yang whispering
thought I was dope, then I started forming sentences
it's not like I was born out of innocence
I was born from sin, God made it interesting//
I started using my ears, started listening
started to open my ears and envision when
the world was a nice place and peeps had discipline
nowadays they don't, so I'm constantly witnessing//
to the streets, over beats, bringing certified head
in the church, at your work, you know I'm gonna ride out
without a shadow of doubt
I stand toe to toe with Satan without calling a timeout//
in these rhyme bouts I walk with him
cause his word is an uppercut landed on the hardest chin
I'm reborn, learnt to talk again
to the youth, I get em before they start to sin//
in the booth, I spit fire, halt your pens
stop writing these words will part you men
like Moses, throwing the staff down
I'll never back down
I'm teaching, I'll never quit this rap now//
J is a straitjacket, his word got me strapped down
relay this to my kids, it will be passed down
to future generations, I spit it, like I'm blazing
hot, scorching the block, profound with vocation//
I shed myself, toss away the old ancient
let Got use me it's time for soul shaping
don't wanna be in hell, or in the stove baking
don't wanna be frozen, trapped in cold places//
I wanna see the pasture, more less an oasis
I wanna hold dialogue with some known faces
I'm talking...Peter, Daniel, David, Solomon
Paul, Abraham, God//
Not a mission to mars, but a mission to these stars
each line is filled with truth, I spit bars
full of wisdom, my vision is not to get applause
my vision is to, direct cats towards the light//
my vision is not have girls dropping they draws
my vision is, to be a teacher, show them what's right
Track Name: The G.O.D. (feat. ReuM)
Verse 1: (Praverb the Wyse)
P be rap's soldier, waiting for the passover
God is on own level man I'm just a tad lower
Seeking his face, people debate
Whether he's real or not or if he's leaving this place//
Forget the state of hip-hop I have demons to chase
This is a neverending war with legions to erase
This is hell on earth, I have reasons to escape
From these fiery pits, I be surviving this kid//
24/7, born in the belly of the beast like Jonah
Built an ark like Noah
P-Viz reps Jehovah, you best bare witness
To the living truth, I'm not talking about gimmicks//
If I don't defeat you then my God will
Marching into battle, with armor rocking a cross shield
I don't care if you pack uzi's mobster
Just remember, no weapon formed shall prosper//

It be the GOD...
Yes I'm back on my grind
I'm showing y'all that we heaven's divine
It be the GOD...
Still doing my thing
Representing for the heavenly king
It be the GOD...
I'm back with the word
Attacking the church, attacking the curb
It be the GOD...
I gotta fulfill his will
Cause if I don't then nobody will

Verse 2 (ReUM)
I live for Jesus, the one who reigns high
Since I stepped out, I’ve never been the same guy
Why hide? No longer running like I’m Jonah
Listening to God’s word, in tune like I’m Noah//
I say Jehovah, he lives inside me
Standing up to any man, how could I deny he
He made the blind man see, made the crippled man walk
Made the deaf man hear, cast out demons for sure//
Who woulda’ thought with Christ in me, I could do that
Pray to the King so that I will never lose that
I will never move back, I stand on the frontline
Fellow followers beside and my God deep inside//
You can’t tame me eating up the darkness
Shining my light everywhere for my Father
A light on a hill, gotta’ let the whole world see
The one who rose victorious, my G-O-D//

It be the GOD...
Yes I'm back on my grind
I'm showing y'all that we heaven's divine
It be the GOD...
Still doing my thing
Representing for the heavenly king
It be the GOD...
I'm back with the word
Attacking the church, attacking the curb
It be the GOD...
I gotta fulfill his will
Cause if I don't then nobody will
Track Name: We Are All One
We. Are not defined by race and creed
Many ask me what a racist need
All he needs is a pamphlet and information
But if we lock hands in unison, then we know that we’re still standing

Praverb, Twisted Edge, with a little something that goes over your head

[Verse 1]
Eagerly calm, never chiefing the bong
Tell me about Islam, teach me the Qu'ran (Koran)
Teach me about your history, the wars in Iran
Tell me about the Taliban, the regime of Saddam
Learning about the misery exposed to Jihad
I have my own mind, not exposed to the fraud
Tell him about Jesus and the soul of a God
Pray together for unity, the globe will respond//
I don't watch the news because the media lies
They toss out the bait straight feeding us lines
Waiting for the day when the media dies
No need to research, the Wikipedia rise
I'm not spitting nonsense, trying to grip your conscience
Promoting peace instead of religious conflicts
No vanity and sanity in getting pompous
I'm fine being smart with a lifted conscious//

[Verse 2]
People still believe in a master race
I still believe in New York, shout out to Masta Ace
Moving at a turtle speed, we at a faster pace
Work 40 hour weeks, I got cash to make
Hit rappers hard with a flow that speaks
Rocking shows nationwide to Mozambique
Not worried about large guns or large sums
I'm broke with small funds, still get the job done//
He is no Black Panther, no Skin Head
No Crip, No Blood, no label on my head
No corny rapper with a deal and dreads
His is upright, in a wheelchair, no legs
He is flawed perfection, no crooked cop
Looking for shots, he does not draw a weapon
He has a kind heart, inherit generosity
He studies the mind, he studied psychology//

[Verse 3]
Love will endure when the spirits engage
Love will endure despite the minimum wage
Spreading to those who are in a prison enslaved
Suffering like Job but they still living the day
Gandhi said be the change you seek
But the change that I seek be the flames that reach
The inner core and burn everything within sight
We are the same, regardless of our race and creed//
Track Name: 1Mic
Hip-hop is in my soul, I am in control
Listening to beats while I'm drifting on this road (RODE)
Spent hours with the flow see, you bagging groceries
A humble man, I'm trying to be JOE MEEK//
I want to ensure that I keep it pure to the core
Settling the score, remaining sure (SHURE)
Rap as well, I have STUDIO PROJECTS
Plan to advance and eventually conquest//
This game, I'm well trained plus I'm smart
It's time to entertain, I'm dedicated to the ART
We below the heavens, I feel BLUE and exiled
Odd patterns appear throughout the textiles//
I'm going for the CROWN, I gotta be king
I want to be rich, I need that lottery bling
I feel like a new man, over this NEUMANN
Zooming, failure is something I'm refusing//
Track Name: Blessed With The Gift
yeah, yeah, it's your boy, Praverb the Wyse
and I've been blessed with the gift
ever since I was conceived I've been blessed with the gift
for real, you better believe it

A legend was born, 01, 07
1982, descended from heaven
blessed with a heavenly gift
no effort to spit
so people want to question the kid
doesn't he battle rap, how is he Christian?
I diss peeps for fun and still drop wisdom
nice off the top, or even with the writtens
walk a mile in my shoes, to see how I'm living//
I clock in at 2, and get off real late
get home, study, and stay online real late
my girl is mad at me, naggin' me
we been together for three years and never been on a real date
...she thinks that I'm chasing a dream
she said, get a better job, start chasing the green
I compiled, so I started chasing degrees
can't look in the mirror, and face this emcee

[Chorus] 2x
I was blessed with the gift, I was born to spit
listen to the sound, that's a warning kid
I was saved by grace, with Christ in my life
I can do anything, cause I'm nice on the mic

I have no fear like Daniel in the lion's den
y'all Matt Millen, surprised by the firing
I can't believe, I thought about retiring
I look to the word when I want to be inspired when...
my faith lacks, I don't spray gats, but I pay taxes
I do this for practice
...I want to have the faith of Abraham
I don't want to be disappointed like Raider fans//
V is for victory, my team's winning
I'm a human, at times, I'm still sinning
Repent, open my heart, and spill writtens
that stop you in your tracks, like still visions
I'm Gizmo to y'all, we kill gremlins
plus we have problems, real men deal with em'
a man by day, emcee at night
I got a glow, knowing my inner light shines bright

[Chorus] 2x
I was blessed with the gift, I was born to spit
listen to the sound, that's a warning kid
I was saved by grace, with Christ in my life
I can do anything, cause I'm nice on the mic

P's known for spitting clean, I'll end your dreams
with a blade from the guillotine, you fake Philistine
Dave to Goliath, I'm slaying you giants
who stay defiant, the flow is like a hydrant
the beast, I have to let it out
in battles you probably get ate/eight like Michael Phelps medal count
If I lose, I'll lick the wounds, spit some tunes
no need to pull the metal out//
over instrumentals, I use my mental
come with the tough talk and end up like Kimbo
down from a light jab, I'm known to write fast
hide my notebook because dudes bite raps
y'all are big headed, you seem quite gassed
for thinking you can defeat me, you're a weakling
It's he, not me, I don't run this
I look to the sky, and use God as a compass

[Chorus] 2x
I was blessed with the gift, I was born to spit
listen to the sound, that's a warning kid
I was saved by grace, with Christ in my life
I can do anything, cause I'm nice on the mic
Track Name: Very Lyrical (Cuts By Dj Cazz)
007 is here, P-Viz the Wiz, Cold Legistics on the beat what
Shout out to Mind Theories and RISEN, you know what I'm saying

I'm "God's Son" he came with spiritual wisdom
Open up the word, yeah "It Was Written"
A long time ago, I was given sight
By the man who cleared the skies "Let There Be Light"
For all those who claim "Hip Hop Is Dead"
All I need is "One Mic" one pad and a pen
To keep the lead moving, I will never stop
"Represent"ing that real hip hop, I'm not losing//
I jot thoughts in my "Book of Rhymes"
I walk the straight path I don't look for crime
Of course I have "Street Dreams"
But If I floss a cat will run up on me
Hymning that "Thief's Theme"
And think about it man, I'm "Bridging The Gap"
Between underground music and what you call wack (2x)//

I'm not trying to live the "Glamour Life"
I'm just a black man with "Ebonics" working to get his grammar right
"It's So Hard" when you live with "The Enemy"
Satan breathing down your neck, wanting you to fail
So eventually, you have to relocate from the "Danger Zone"
To a vacant home, escaping hell
"You Came Up" no need for you to blaze that L
Or do something stupid and report to jail//
You have to "Beware" of these snakes that slither
You don't need a big screen to view "The Big Picture"
Just keep "Holdin' It Down" controlling your tongue
Don't beef because you don't know who's holding a gun
You can rap for bucks, sell "Platinum Plus"
But conserve your money, don't spend on wacky stuff
You can have one lady, no need to be a "Player"
Stay focused and always seek your maker

"I Used To Love Her" she was my world, my girl
now she's knocked up, baby pa is locked up
another "Stolen Moment"
she was devious; poking a hole in the trojan to trap the previous
but she won't get me, I'm blessed with the "Sixth Sense"
"G.O.D." given gift to spit scripts so vivid
I been straying, I gotta "Testify"
these nights aren't spent praying...I'm done playing//
I'm so "Hungry" that I need "Food"
it's hard to remain "Faithful"
when you seek trees and booze, forget it
I had "A Dream" I was induced by Christ speech
Rocking a white gown, wearing some Nikes
Yes I saw "The Light" I was definitely dedicated
Took a deep breath, can you feel it "Respiration"
I woke up, felt like I learned my lesson
I felt like Jesus Christ, resurrected
Track Name: The Conclusion
Some people wonder if P will ever rap again
Is it reality or a simple accident?
This is what happens when your freaking passion’s thin
And your fed up but I gotta keep my head up//
I have a cd out I want y’all to listen
I’m mad polite, I shouldn’t have to beg much
But the fact is, I feel like a rapping bum
With no guest spots because I’m lacking funds//
People ask me when the new tracks will come
Sitting on albums waiting to get the graphics done
I have no budget, I still rock Pro-Keds
An old head, who’s tired of pushing that old luggage//
I have no stomach, I’m famished to make it
I spend nights cramped in the basement
With the pen in the left, and music in my right
Enchanted by the beats so it’s heaven that I…write//